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Live Simple.

Give Big.

Love All.

The Chalk Dude


As an organization, our vision is to be a champion of  God’s present and future Kingdom, where Jesus is proclaimed and to help others experience life and freedom in His name. We teach people to be counter-cultural in this current culture, not against it.

Seth Williams has been drawing and teaching professionally the world over since 2004. While approaching nearly sixteen years of experience, his charisma, humor and energy have allowed him to gain the confidence and understanding that is essential to connecting with an audience. Seth specializes in motivational speaking for faith-based, educational, leadership and corporate events. 

The Chalk Dude's Services

Our Servuces

Begin a leadership journey by understanding that leadership begins and ends at the feet of Jesus. Seth will teach your group the practical, relational, and life skills to change the way they Live, Give, Love and Lead!


Seth teaches on the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a Christian interacts and interprets the world in which they are living. He explores how to live in the world, but not be of the world.

Personal Development

Using years of military and life experience Seth has several programs designed to teach your organization how to work more efficiently, be more effective, be enthusiastic while staying authentic.

Faith  Development

Seth has many programs designed to teach congregations, students of all ages and organizations how to access faith in Jesus and cultivate a culture where the Holy Spirit leads and the Kingdom of Heaven is expanded. 

Crisis Management

Tragedies happen, more and more our culture is shaken with disaster after disaster. What do we do when God doesn't intervene? Let Seth come to your church, youth group, business and teach your group where God is in the midst of crisis and tragedy.


Invest in a high profile speaker who is sure to bring a crowd, a powerful message, and success to any fundraising event.


"Seth and his artwork have been an integral part of our fundraising events for many years. His gift has helped to visually illustrate our mission and vision in ways that words could never do. Do yourself a favor... Book him as soon as you can! He will help you raise funds and awareness!"

United Against Poverty
Orlando, Florida


Seth Williams is an imaginative thinker, artist and teacher who has a passion to present the life altering message of the gospel. 

An emerging leader and biblical world-view teacher, Seth will inspire you to rise above circumstances and arrive to your calling. No stranger to overcoming adversity, Seth’s personal life message is one of audacious fortitude and he confidently tells his audience to, “Never, ever give up on your dreams—always be ready to step out in faith for what could be…”


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