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Seth has many programs designed to teach congregations, middle school, high school and college students and organizations how to access faith in Jesus and cultivate a culture where the Holy Spirit leads and the Kingdom of Heaven is expanded. 

Some of Seth's talks and programs:

  • The Stuff

  • It Is Finished

  • East to West

  • Holy of Holies

  • The Names of God

  • The Fourth Man

  • Crown of Glory

  • Mediocre Christianity

  • The Changeless One

  • More Than Conquerors

  • Simple

  • The Great Temptation Within

  • What is God Really Like?

  • Heart of the King

  • Jesus in the Old Testament (Series)

  • 1st Century Christian in the 21st Century

  • Moses - Dropping the Past for the Staff

  • Naked & Afraid!

  • Man Alive!

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