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Personal Development

Christian Personal Development is a process of allowing God and His principles to guide your conscious pursuit of personal growth through the expansion of self-awareness and knowledge, the improvement of personal skills and the development of others. Using years of military and life experience, Seth has several programs designed to teach your organization or church how to work more efficiently, be more effective, and be enthusiastic while staying authentic and true to yourself and God.

Moses' personal development from his fumbling start with God in Exodus 3 and 4 to becoming one of the world's most effective leaders and servants of God could only be possible because he allowed God and His principles to shape him. The personal development of a creation will not be complete or adequate without the input of the Creator. God is our Creator, only He can effectively help us to develop adequately. 

Some of Seth's talks and programs on Personal Development:

  • Mediocrity Mountain

  • Fighting the War

  • Iraq in the 21st Century

  • Rising Above Failure

  • Rising Above Doubt

  • Rising Above Self

  • Rising Above Pain

  • Rising Above Fear

  • The Summit

  • ​The Stuff (My story)

  • Designing the Future

  • Where is Jesus When You're Naked & Scared?

  • Man Alive!

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