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     Seth and Colie met on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, at Manny's Chophouse in Kissimmee, Florida for dinner. They had been communicating on Facebook Dating app for one week prior to this first date. The conversations through text were riveting and lasted hours at a time. They were intrigued by each other from the very first "Hello...". Seth saw Colie's profile on the Facebook, and a certain line in her profile describing her caught his attention. It read, "A girl needs to be so lost in God that a guy needs to seek Him to find her." If there was a "add to cart" button Seth would have pressed it frantically. From the very first conversation the relationship was centered around Jesus Christ and His miracle working power and evidences of it in each of their lives leading to the present. The first date was a whirlwind of conversation and a lot of laughter. Dinner ended, but the date continued at Pirates Cove putt-putt golf just down the road. Laughter and poor putting were the only thing that existed as they played 36 holes of golf... yes, that's correct... they played putt-putt two times that night. 


      The evening came to a close and they texted each other rather quickly after the date. Colie asked Seth when he was available to hang out next and he responded with 30+ available times in the next week. They were hooked. The next morning Colie and Seth met at Animal Kingdom at Disney World. They spent the day walking around the park, riding rides, eating pretzels and the laughter continued. Friday, Seth went to Tampa for a youth pastors conference; he and Colie continued to text the next two days. On Saturday, early afternoon, February 1, 2020 Colie wrote Seth saying, "I am ready to commit if you are..." Seth responded, "Does that mean you're my girlfriend now?" She quipped back, "YES!" and the rollercoaster hasn't stopped since. 


      By the fourth date Seth knew in his spirit that Colie was the one he had been searching and praying for for the last 31 years of his life. The feeling was mutual for Colie shortly after that. February 16th, Seth was at another youth conference in Orlando and, per usual, they had been texting each other throughout the day. Colie sent Seth many scriptures on love and God's call to love others, and then it came across Seth's phone... "אני אוהב אותך" The Hebrew words, for "I love you." He had been feeling the same and was hoping to say it in the coming days... once again, she beat him to it. She had already asked him on the first date, she asked him to be her boyfriend, she kissed him first and she said I love you first. She knew at this point that Seth would be her first and last boyfriend and future husband. 

     On May 4th, 2020, Seth asked Colie to spend the rest of her life with him. She said yes. They decided to tie the knot on June 14, 2020. They are excited about spending the rest of their lives with each other, growing in love and celebrating life. They are asking that you will keep them in your prayers over the next few months and years as they learn to navigate the institute of marriage and begin to build a life together centered around Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior. 

      On June 14, 2020 at 7:45 PM, Colie and Seth were consecrated in marriage to one another among family and friends in a private and intimate ceremony. Will update when children arrive...

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