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            Meet Seth

Seth Williams is an imaginative thinker, artist and teacher who has a passion to present the life altering message of the gospel.

Seth Williams has been drawing and teaching professionally the world over since 2004. While approaching sixteen years of experience, his charisma, humor and energy have allowed him to gain the confidence and understanding that is essential to connecting with an audience. Seth specializes in motivational speaking for faith-based, educational, leadership and corporate events. 

An emerging apologist and biblical world-view teacher, Seth will inspire you to rise above circumstances and arrive to your calling. No stranger to overcoming adversity, Seth’s personal life message is one of audacious fortitude and he confidently tells his audience to, “Never, ever give up on your dreams—always be ready to step out in faith for what could be…”

Seth's love for Jesus fuels his pursuit of those, who are lost-hopefuls, searching after God but lost in their direction; and his greatest joy comes from pouring into people, who long for hope.

The desire of Seth's heart is to see people realize that they have been set apart to the gospel of Jesus and thus, in turn, they must set their lives apart in an effort to capture every moment in worshipful service to Him. 

Seth is well-acquainted with the harshness of the human condition.

But he has been rescued and redeemed by the amazing intervention of Jesus Christ, and he now seeks out others in-need of saving. The roles of evangelist, writer, artist and leader have allowed Seth to influence people from all walks of life throughout his years in ministry.

Seth currently resides in Chicago, Florida; with his wife, Colie. Seth served eight years in the United States Army. Seth graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Divinity in Leadership, he also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies. Seth is currently serving as the Director of Youth & Families at Lakeland Church in Gurnee, Illinois. Seth and Colie are expecting their first child, Israel, in April 2023. 

Seth sees the big picture in almost every situation and has developed a strategy minded course on leadership to take your business, ministry, church, organization or non-profit to the next level. 


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