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Begin a leadership journey by understanding that leadership begins and ends at the feet of Jesus. Seth will teach your group the practical, relational, and life skills to change the way they Live, Give, Love and Lead!

Whether you're managing a division, a team, just a few employees or a student leadership team at a church learn how to get the most from your employees by creating conditions for their success. Leadership is a skill for any role--not just managers or pastors. Learn how to become a more successful leader, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflicts and build an effective, efficient team of leaders.


You will learn how to collaborate more effectively as a team and get familiar with popular team building tools. You will gain insights on establishing a culture for growth, success and developing cross-cultural intelligence and creating a healthy and productive work environment. Good leadership skills are crucial in any career or ministry. You will learn about time management, decision-making, public speaking, negotiation, building your personal brand and how to effectively lead a team.

Some of Seth's talks and programs on Leadership Development:

  • This Is Your Time

  • Heroes

  • Leadership 101

  • The Cities of David

  • 3 Success Secrets of Shamgar

  • Being the Shepard--Finding the Sheep

  • Rising Above Failure

  • Rising Above Doubt

  • Rising Above Self

  • Mediocrity Mountain

  • Fighting the War

  • Leadership Through the Eyes of David

  • Leadership Through the Eyes of Moses

  • Leadership Through the Eyes of Jesus

  • Walt Disney - Imagineering Change

  • Abraham Lincoln - Destined for Failure

  • Billy Graham - Left at the Altar

  • Where is Jesus When You're Naked & Scared?

  • Man Alive!

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