Africa 2018

I apologize for getting this newsletter out late. We had an amazing time in Africa. We had many ups and some downs, but it was an amazing time, it was blessed and ordained by God. We arrived in New York at JFK airport on the 13th of August, by the time we landed we had JUST missed our flight to South Africa. We were stuck in New York… I was reminded of the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. We went into the city and found a hotel for the night. We went into the city and got some amazing pizza. The next day we went to JFK and boarded our plane by 11:15am. We were on board, we were ‘settled’ in for a nice 15 ½ hour flight from New York City to Johannesburg, South Africa. The 15 hours were miserable but amazing. I was seated next to a professor of human studies at the University of Maryland. She wasn’t a believer but was searching, we had some time to talk and discuss things that were going on in her life… she didn’t accept Christ at that time however, the seed was planted and she left feeling like some questions were answered. It was awesome.